Working with groups from 2 to 500 employees, we will develop an incredible benefits package for you to provide to your employees. Working within your budget, we handle all of the communication and enrollment. We want to make sure all of your employees are aware of the benefits you have made available to them.

As a Patient Advocacy firm, we bring that same level of care and guidance to your employees when handling their healthcare claims issues. See our section on Patient Advocacy for more detail on what a Patient Advocate does.

Benefit Package Design

Employers provide benefits to recruit and retain good employees. We design and provide custom benefit packages to companies. Benefits can include traditional benefits as well as benefits not typically offered, but employees use.

Major Medical Insurance

We work with all of the major insurance carriers to meet your needs. We offered tiered benefit packages to help you stay in budget and meet the needs of your employees.

Financial and Retirement Planning for Employees.

Financial planning is the most requested benefit Employers can provide to their employees after Health Insurance. We offer Basic, Mid-Level & Executive Packages.

Voluntary Benefits

These types of benefits can be offered by the Employer, at no cost; Dental, Vision, Accident, Long and Short Term Disability.