October 27, 2017

5 in 1 Lifetime Benefit Plan

We are excited about a product that combines the best of multiple insurances and retirement options into one policy.  The need to save money for Retirement- the need for money in case of a Critical Illness (cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc.) or a Critical Injury (paralysis, severe burns, etc.) or the need for Long-Term Care (in a facility or by a caregiver at home) or premature death.
We believe you will want to take advantage of this revolutionary opportunity to protect you and your family while also saving more towards retirement.  You choose how much you can invest each month.  Your money is tied to the Standard & Poor’s 500 indexes.  If the index goes up, your investment goes up.  If it goes down, you don’t lose anything.  The money you have invested and earned is not touched.  All upside, and no downside.

There is no annual open enrollment period so you can sign up at any time!  We can meet with you at your convenience to design a plan that meets your individual needs and goals.

We hope that everyone takes advantage of this unique benefit!!


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